Type: Product Demo
Role: Project Lead, Lead 3d, Concept & Design, Look Development, Layout Design, CG Cinematography, Composite, Editorial, 3d Animation, Previz

Concepted, designed and executed this fun, simple and incredibly long product demo in about 3 weeks from concept to completion. Please forgive the music.

Client: LG
Advertising Agency: Y&R New York
Agency Producer: Craig Sloane, Ellen Pot
Agency Art Director: Peter Herbst
Agency Copywriter: Erich Hartmann

Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Designer: Christopher Fung
Lead Artist: Christopher Fung
3d Animator: Kiel Figgins, Craig Kohlmeyer, Christopher Fung
Modeler: Craig Kohlmeyer
2d Animator: Joel Voelker
Compositor: Christopher Fung, Craig Kohlmeyer, Joel Voelker
Editor: Christopher Fung
Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler

© 2011 christopher fung