Type: TVC
Role: Project Co-Lead with Dave Hill, VFX Supervision, Look Development, Layout Design, CG Cinematography, Edit, Design, Previz (Live Action & Effects Choreography)

Client: AT&T
Advertising Agency: BBDO

Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Director of Photography: Tim Ives
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Artist: Christopher Fung, David Hill
Designer: Christopher Fung, Evan Dennis
3D Animator: Kiel Figgins, Vinh Chung, Richard Cayton, Eugen Sasu, Christopher Fung
3D Artist: Christina Ku, Joji Tsuruga, Warren Heimall, Craig Kohlemeyer, Scott Denton
Compositor: David Hill, Christopher Fung, Marco Giampaolo, Stieg Retlin
Miscellaneous Design: Mitch Paone
Rotoscoper: Connie Conrad, Willi Patton
Tracker: Chris Hill
Editor: Christopher Fung
Line Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler

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