Type: TVC
Role: Lead 3d, Composite, Pipeline Setup, 3d Design (Look Development), Lighting, Rendering, Texturing, Animation, CG Cinematography, Previzualization

Developed a workflow to combine 5 separate character animators' work into a single rig to create a single seamless animation and camera move, while retaining flexibility for model and texture changes and client feedback. Project completion time: 5 weeks.

Title: Blackjack "Flourish"

Date Aired: November 21, 2006

Director: Shilo
Production Company: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer, Jose Gomez
Designers: Andre Stringer, Jose Gomez
Lead 3d Designer: Christopher Fung
3d Designer: Dave Hill
3d Modelers: Scott Denton, Cody Smith
3d Animators: Henning Koczy, Kirk Cadrette, Kiel Figgins, Jorma Auburn, Chris Mead, Richard Cayton, Dave Hill, Christopher Fung
3d Artist: Joji Tsuruga
Compositors: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung, Marco Giampaolo, Dave Hill
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Production Coordinator: Laurenn Reed
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler

Music: Anjali "Stinging Sitars"
Audio House: Buzz
Audio Engineer: Michael Marinelli

Client: Cingular
Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Agency Assistant Producer: Sarah Ryan
Agency Vice President, Associate Creative Director: David DiRienz
Senior Art Director: Tia Lustig
Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Susan Credle
Senior Vice President, Executive Producer: Bob Emerson

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