Type: Short Film
Role: Lead 3d, Composite, 3d Design, 3d Animation, CG Cinematography

Director: Shilo
Production Company: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer, Jose Gomez
Desinger/Animator: Andre Stringer, Jose Gomez, Cassidy Gearhart, Curtis Doss, Marco Giampaolo
Lead 3D Designer/Animator: Christopher Fung
3D Designer/Animator: Cody Smith, Cedrick Gousse
Design Assistant: Dorian West, Kim Holm
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler

Director of Photography: Sean Kim
Line producer: Nicole Acacio

In collaboration with: Tom Delonge and Mark Eaton

Music: The War by Angels and Airwaves

© 2011 christopher fung